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We at Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, take Pride in bringing you the very Best this Industry has to offer. Remember, not all Truck Mount Mount Carpet & Tile Cleaning Machines are Designed the same. 

Our Patented Axis Point Heat Exchangers Stand Alone from all the other "Poor Old Art" Competition Heat Exchangers. This Innovative Heat Exchanger Technology will provide for you a Truck Mount Carpet & Tile Cleaning Machine that Delivers Ultimately Quicker Higher and more Stable Heat to do the most difficult Stained Up Dirt Invested Carpets delivering Professional Results.

Axis Point Heat Exchangers can withstand Pressures up to 3500 psi which is why this unit can do Pressure Washing and many other Hard Surface Cleaning.

Usually Manufacturers as a whole, Cap off their Pressure System to 1200 psi only because their Heat Exchangers cannot with stand High Pressure. That limits their usage and in today's Economy, you want to get the Most for your Investment. 

As you noticed in the Video shows Great CFM Vacuum Power which is a Result of Expert Engineering. There is Never any Restrictive Airways or anything Holding Down the Blower System, such as Pre-Heaters, Reduced Diameters of Piping, Sharing Exhaust Ports with the Engine etc.We use our Blowers the way they were Originally Intended to be used unlike Most Manufacturers. 

​In the Video, I mentioned about the Padded Carpets showing Dry Patches in 1 to 2 hour time frame. The carpets usually dry within 4 to 6 hours. Not Days like Most of Manufacturer's Truck Mounts. Commercial carpets usually dry within a 1 to 2 Hour time frame.

The Key is to make your Customers Happy NOT Sad with the Confidence in knowing that you have the Best Engineered Truck Mount in the Industry.

If you have any questions call me anytime (727) 505-2989 and we will talk about why our Machines are better and we can set up a time for you to come to our shop for a Demonstration.  

Sincerely, Pete Garland (Owner, Designer & Builder)

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