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The Axis Point TM Heat Exchanger Patent has been accepted by the U.S. Patent & Trade Mark Office and put into Publication as of March 27th 2012.
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U.S. PATENT NO. 8,141,199 
Recent Testimonial among many others
I purchased the heat Exchanger from Pete and I couldn't say this is one of the best Heat exchangers I have ever used . I installing my heat exchanger to a kolher 25 hp engine and I can say my water temperature is around 200°F plus in less than 5 Minutes of using my carpet truck mount . It's made from 100% stainless steel heavy-duty built to last. I took a look inside the heat exchanger from one of the openings from the exhaust side and you can see the stainless steel tubing inside heat exchanger so that your water temperature could heat up quicker . I clean Carpets that are from Apartments restaurants with heavy grease and I could say that this heat exchanger made a lot a difference in my new cleaning technique. Since my water is hotter I can use less solution that saves me money. I would recommend n e one to get this heat exchanger stop looking around and just buy this one you will be very happy with the design . Thank you Pete once again for creating such a good heat exchanger you had made a customer very happy and I will gladly come back again . 

Jesus Alcantar     Email: [email protected]
Hi Pete!

About 3-4 years ago I purchased a Heat exchanger from you. I modified a prox. 30+ years old Steamway Odessy, and fitted in. Then I haven?t used it, because I had a good high paying job as a tradesman, at the time. I lost my job a year ago, so I finished off my little project, and started to clean carpet, with the hope; I get to know the guys in the industry, and can start repairing equipment for them. I also have a few little ideas to develop and make some accessories for the cleaning industry. I was cleaning a big school with another guy, who have a $20 000.00 plus truck mount, and his jaw dropped down, when he see me operating with your heat exchanger in an old machine. We all lose 20-degree +, when running 150+ hose, but when you see the heat pouring out from my wand, and see how is cleaning, you don?t need to check the temperature. When I record it, I was running with 200-feet hose. It is good is many expensive unit out there. I made a little movie clip from my wand with my mobile phone, I would like you to see it, don?t know how I can send it, in Contact us not have place for attachment. I am thinking on a small way, specialize converting some older units with a new heat exchanger, for the ones who can't afford a new machine. The problem is to get it here, Thanks for a good product, Regards; Tamas Tassonyi I am in Melbourne, Australia.

Name:Tamas Tassonyi
Email address:[email protected]
Melbourne, Australia January 22, 2014

We are the ONLY HX Fab Company that makes this Patented Design with 3500 psi Pressure Rated that actually gives GREAT HEAT!

Our Competition Fabricates The "Tube in Shell" Style HX that Destroys your Engine as well as being inefficient Heat Producers and while other Builders produce Helical Wrap (Low PSI) Copper HXs that also have an inefficient Design producing Poor Heat with Little or No Warranty.

[email protected]
To Me
Today at 7:58 AM

Just wanted to let you know that I am very impressed with your heat exchanger. I finally installed it 2 weeks ago and can’t believe the heat it produces. Good upgrade from what I had before.
Bill….. Ultimate Green Cleaning NH

Heat Exchanger

From:[email protected]
To:[email protected]

Date12-30-2013 06:10 PM

Hey Pete,

 Just wanted to say thanks again and it was great seeing you. You should 
be proud of all your hard work and designs you've done.. I finally got 
some time to install and mount the heat exchanger you made me and its doing 
well on my Spitfire. Hopefully you get your building done in back soon so 
you have some extra room to maneuver all that equipment.. :)

Hi Peter

My Partner and I are very happy with the work you did on our Performer Cub XL. I can see Great Skilled Workmanship went into this Heat Exchanger to make such a perfect Fit into my machine.

Just knowing there is someone like you that can build a Discontinued Prochem Cub Heat Exchanger, makes you a "Life Saver." My machine is like New now and the Axis Point Heater Design is giving us better Heat than the Old Original OEM Heat Exchanger.

Again Many Thanks for a Great Job!

Ray from R & J Carpet-Tile & Grout Cleaning LLC
Tele: (727) 226-0052
Email: [email protected]

T-Bowe's, LLC Carpet, Tile & grout Restoration

Thomas Bowe Sir & Jr

American Owned & Operated
Truck Mount System
Bonded & Insured

I am the owner of T-Bowe's Carpet Tile & Grout Restoration LLC and my Chevy 3500 is equipped with a Blue and Red Baron Truck Mount Carpet and Tile Cleaning Machines Made right here in the U.S.A. It tackles the toughest jobs with plenty of Hot Heat and and Power... It handles High Heat & High Pressure with easy... It hasn't let me, down running strong.. I am very happy with the owner, any question I have he is happy to help.. If you are in the market for a new Truck Mount or even a new 4 Axes SUPER HOT HEAT EXCHANGER Call Blue Baron Highly Recomended...
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(813) 448-2277

Jul 24, 2014 at 6:44 PM

Name: Chris Nierling
Email address:[email protected]

Message:I am the owner of Chris Carpet Care Inc in Ocala/Belleview/The villages Fl. I hve had my own business for 20 years and been carpet cleaning for 34 years. I was around people that knew how to put machines together so I have had experience with different kinds of equipment. In all my years the heat exchanger that Pete makes is by far the best exchanger I have ever used. I get excellent heat off the engine. Its compact and well built. In the two years I have had it it has made a difference in my cleaning excellence. Thank you Pete for a wonderful piece of equipment. Chris Nierling Chris Carpet Care Inc.

Name: Martin Hovatter
Email address:[email protected]
Phone: Furnished Upon Request

Message:What can I say about my heat exchanger? Excellent! Peter and his wife are great people to deal with especially with technical issues.Shipping and packaging was good and the exchanger was just as described.I will definetly be doing business with Blue Baron again-Thank You, Martin Steam-Works