Re: Prochem Legend Heat Exchanger

I purchased a Blue Baron truck mount from Pete and have always found him to be Honest and customer service ready. I even heard that he will even take time out for others on a weekends and even people that do not even buy his products. He has stepped his work force now to a new level built a Huge Shop on his property and soon from what I heard will be moving into a larger facility. I know there are alot of customers that had absolutely No Problem adapting his Heaters to Prochem Performers,Legends etc. He told me he will even free install if there is problem with the Retro fitting. I notice his plates have been cut down to easy fit the machine and suggests using the Flex Pipe to replace the need for Flange to Flange.

To say the least, his Heat Exchangers are awesome with instant heat and stable. I know cause my Blue Baron 45 gets up excellent heat all the time. 

Dan Williams            Paramus, NJ
John Spears                                                              Monday, 11/02/09, 9:45 AM

I had Pete build a Heat Exchanger for my Prochem Performer about 8 Months ago...the price was great and the service was awesome! We had no problems installing it and we are very satisfied with the results. I would recommend Pete to anyone without hesitation. Thanks for a great product at a fair price! John Spears Signature Carpet Care

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Custom Prochem After Markets using  our Axis Point TM Technology with Superior Construction for Performance / Longevity
Our Precision Fabrication / Machining makes Perfect Alignment for the Centering of the Exhaust Pipe through the Machine's Lower Panel.
The Feet are Open-Slotted to allow "Swagger Movement" and Proper Alignment with the Machine's Threaded Bolt Shanks for Easy Secured Mounting.
Keep your Old Prochem Truck Mount on the Road making Money!

         Design & Quality of Construction Exceeds OEM Standards

                           The Average Price of a Prochem OEM Hx was
                            just under $2000 and in some cases Higher!

The Price of Our Custom Prochem After Markets using the Axis Point Patented Internal Design and Superior Construction is: $1595.00 plus $100 for shipping.

First before I get into the reasons why Our Heat Exchangers are Better, I wanted to get right to the "Nitty Gritty"
as to why so many of the Prochem Heat Exchangers are failing and many with not alot Hours on the machine before they begin to Leak Water!
The main Construction and Design of the Prochem Heat Exchanger are what Effects not only Performance but the Longevity of your Unit. 
Most Leaks start to occur on the (Metal on Metal) Bracket System that secures the Spiral Tubing to the Inside Pipe Housing and through Time and due to Water System and Exhaust Pulsations, tiny holes start to form at these Junction Points causing the Heat Exchanger to Fail and Leak water.
How did we improve Performance and Longevity of Our Prochem After Markets?
We have Engineered a Internal Buffering System  designed to Prevent this (Metal on Metal) Wearing between the Tubing and the Housing. No where in our Axis Point Heat Exchanger are the Axis Point Spirals "Rubbing" on each other or on the Internal Housing.

Most important, because our Patented Designed incorporates a Matrix Group of (4) Coils, 80 Ft of Tubing which provides QUICK access to the Exhaust Gases to give you a Quicker Rise in Water temperature as well as more Stable Heat.

Prochem Heat Exchangers are made with a Single Spiral of Tubing composed of 50 to 60 Ft. of Tubing where each Spiral is layered on top of each other and loses Heat from the Inner Core of the Spiral to the Outer Most Layer.This Equates to Poor Heat Conductivity and Performance.

We have OEM Prochem Shop Templates which allow us to Perfectly Match the Mounting Bracket Feet as well as the Exit Exhaust Pipe to line up with Hole in the Bottom Panel of your Truck Mount.

The Rear Inlet side is Adapted to a S/S Flex Hose and an Exhaust Flange and Pipe Flange is fabricated in our shop Tailored for your Machine's Engine's Header Size, so as to make the Connection between Exhaust Diverter coming off the Header and the Inlet Side of the Heat Exchanger as illustrated below.

Bear    Bruin     Bruin II     Lancer    lancer II

Legend      Legend SE     Performer

Performer 405     Saber     Saber 2000 


We also have Prochem OEM Shop Templates for the Blazer XL and the Cub XL where we Custom Build to Specification.
Call us today at: (727) 505-2989 ask for Pete
Save Big $ $ Money Today without buying a New Truck Mount !
Hi Peter

My Partner and I are very happy with the work you did on our Performer Cub XL. I can see Great Skilled Workmanship went into this Heat Exchanger to make such a perfect Fit into my machine.

Just knowing there is someone like you that can build a Discontinued Prochem Cub Heat Exchanger, makes you a "Life Saver." My machine is like New now and the Axis Point Heater Design is giving us better Heat than the Old Original OEM Heat Exchanger.

Again Many Thanks for a Great Job!

Ray from R & J Carpet-Tile & Grout Cleaning LLC
Tele: (727) 226-0052
Email: [email protected]

Below is a Prochem Legend SE showing the 'EASY' Installation with our Axis Point Heat Exchanger (Prochem After Market) 
Stainless Exit Exhaust Pipe is Perfectly Centered straight through the Hole of machine's front Panel  
Axis Point Heat Exchanger Prochem After Market
Fits Perfectly in Lower Compartment of Legend SE
We will supply you with a Stainless Exhaust Flange & Flex Hose to make the Connection from the Exhaust Diverter and Header  to the Inlet of your Heat Exchanger 'EASY'
Water Connection
Water Connection
Here are some Testimonials of the OEM Prochem Heat Exchanger VS. Blue Baron's Super Quad Axis Point Heat Exchanger 
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Prochem owned by Karcher Company, No Longer Fabricates or Stocks these OEM Heat Exchangers for the following Truck Mounts:
Douglas Dake 
5245 Guion Rd 
Indianapolis, IN 46254 (317) 297-0461

I am Very Happy with the Installation and performance of the Prochem 405 Aftemarket. The Mechanic was happy with the Installation and said it was an easy install. Customer is also pleased with the results of your product.

Thank you very much for providing a solution for a high quality Prochem Heat Exchanger replacement.
******We are getting many Referrals from Prochem Company, Chuck Coffee and Greg Ingalina, Jon Don (one of our Customers) as well as Interlink Supply
and Most Important Prochem Truck Mount Owners******
Jon Don

You can feel secure to know, that Pete builds a high Quality Prochem Alternative replacement Heat Exchanger. It is a relief to know, that since Prochem no longer carrys these Heat Exchangers for the older Truck mounts like the Legend SE. He built a Legend SE HX for my Customer. He is very happy with the results of the install and the performance of the Heat Exchanger. Pete's Customer Service is Great and I highly recommend his services and products. Thank you very much Pete.