By-Pass Muffler
Exhaust Diverter (No Heat Mode)
Engine / Heater Exhaust
Most Truck Mount Units Share their Engine and Blower's Exhaust out of the same Exhaust Port. This can cause many problems such as Back-up Pressure problems and 
Heat Directed in places you do not want it to go.

We at Blue Baron Design our machines so that each specific component has its own Exhaust Pipe Outlet all made from High Grade Stainless. 
All our Exhaust Diverters and Engine Headers are made from Heavy Gauged Tig Welded Stainless Steel unlike any other manufacturers.

We take the time to do it right but also provide the Customer to have the choice of Heat or No Heat especially for high paying Flood Work where Heat is not required.
Axis Point TM                Internal Design
We are the (ONLY) Manufacturer of this Patent Pending Design Heat Exchanger known as Axis Point TM.This New Design uses an Axis Point TM arrangement of tubing that allows full Exposure of the Exhaust Gases Heating Simultaneously at all Axis Points  of the Metal Tubing  that carrys the water. This equates to a quicker and more stable working Temperature with minimal time intervals of High / Low Temperature Fluctuation(Simply Hotter Water, Lasting Longer)The last thing a Carpet Cleaner needs to worry about is the Heat while doing those difficult Heavy Soiled Carpets or Tile Floors. Minimize your work efforts & Impress your Customers with Professional Results!

Other Companies have "Poorly Designed Art" with overlapping spirals (That lose Heat from the Core of the Spiral to the outer Spiral layers) or Straight Conductance Tubes that have a poor conductance ratio to the volume of water they are carrying. This equates to slow rise in Heat and Longer Time Intervals & Fluctuations of High / Low temperatures in the water. 

We at Blue Baron TM build our Heat Exchangers with Superior Technology & Construction which can withstand Pressures up to 3500 psi. Our typical operating range is up to 2500 psi. Why lose out on those Pressure Washing Jobs!

Most companies, even on their overpriced Truck Mounts cannot get their working pressure over 1200 psi which limits the "End User" on what job task he can perform. In todays economy, that can mean loss potential revenue.
Axis Point TM the New Wave of Heating 
(Awesome Heat Quicker Recovery & More Stable)
Do Not make that $25,000 mistake. Our units will out perform even the more expensive Truck Mounts! Read our Testimonials and Proof is in the Video.
Remember it is all  about Recovery & Heat and without it, you 're in Defeat!
Pre-Heat you cannot Beat! This will Turbo Charge your Heating System and give you a head start during those cold winter months.
Engineered for Trouble-Free operation and minimal maintenance.

Unlike Most Truck Mount Manufacturers, we use Industry Standard Pipe Size Conventions. This means if the Blower comes with a 2 1/2 female Ports we use 2 1/2 Pipes with NO TAPERED BARB ENDS WHICH REDUCES THE VOLUME OF AIR GOING INTO YOUR BLOWER

The Induction Side of the Blower is the most critical part of the Air Flow System. This method of construction / assembly minimizes Air Pressure Differential & Over-Heating of your Blower. This equates to better (CFM) Cubic Feet per Minute of Air Flow, Better Performance and most important FASTER DRYING CARPETS. 
SUPERIOR STAINLESS FILTERS with Full Pipe Size matching the Inlet System will give you excellent Filtration (2 Microns @ 98 %) Means CLEANER BLOWER, IMPROVE AIR-FLOW & MAXIMIZES THE LIFE OF YOUR BLOWER
Last Step Chemical Injection means that no chemical will enter the Pump and Water / Heater System. Instead, the chemical is injected at the point of departure in the High Pressure Line Manifold through the Quick Connect via Carpet Cleaning Solution Hose / Wand.
Advantages to this Chemical Injection Method 
Less wear and Tear on the "O Rings" and "Intregral Parts" of your Water Pump and minimizes build up of Alkaline & Mineral Deposits in the Plumbing and Heating System. This  eliminates frequent "Acid Rinses" to remove such build-up in your machine.  Also improves Flow Rate and Heat Transfer during the Heat Exchange Process and Minimizes Down Time of your machine..
Last Step Pulser Pump insures Chemical Movement and Prime outside of the Pump and Water Heating System.
Superior Belt Driven Drive System 
Our Easy Belt Tensioner and our Angular Bracket Guide Stop will always give you Expert Alignment everytime.
These Heavy Duty Double B Size Pulleys and BX Cog Belts give you better transfer of power.The Driver  and Driven Pulley are Properly size for the Blower. This Ratio of Driver / Driven  gives a 90% RPM of the Maximum Speed allowable for your Blower even when the Engine is Full Throttle. This will extend the Life of your Blower as Manufacturer Suggested. 
Our Belt Driven Series of Blue Barons are Engineered for "Easy Access" to the Blower and Pumps Bolt / Nut Support System makes it a "Snap" to replace a Belt. 15 to 20 Minutes or less. No more Canceled Jobs because Lengthy Time for Belt Replacement.
No more waiting in line at the repair shop!
Our Frames are designed for easy Access to all Components. This is a "Repairman's Dream"! 
Perfect Expert Alignment everytime.
All our Pump / Blower Support Bases are Open Slotted for quick fastener Removal.
Increased Frame width for Easy Access and Repair
Blower Guide Stop Gives True Expert Angular Belt Alignment Everytime
Plenty of Room at the Bottom to Access Components
Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machines
Why Carpet Cleaning Professionals Choose Blue Baron TM
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Built In Belt Tensioner means Perfect Belt Tension all the Time with Bracket Guides that make a Perfect Angular Alignment.