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  Ever get frustrated trying to find the right Truck Mount that has the right Components            and specifications that you are looking for at an affordable price?

  Are you tired of the 'Same Old Template' Jon Don or Interlink offers at outrageous prices      with tiny Engines, Blowers and Pumps and worst with that "like it or lump it attitude" the      Salesman give?

  If you answered is Yes, then you are not alone.

  We at Blue Baron are going to change all that by giving you the "Freedom and Power" to      make a choice as to the Size, Make & Model of your Major Components as well as the            Heating System while keeping Working Pressure, Temperature of the water system and        CFM and  HG Inches of Vacuum lift Tailored to meet the Cleaning Demands of your Jobs.   

  Our Precision " State of the Art" Fabrication Services meet the demands of the Industry        while exceeding your expectations using the Highest Quality Materials and Workmanship.    

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Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine
Power Wash & Recovery Machine