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Payment Arrangements when ordering off-line: We accept all Major Credit Cards, Personal / Business checks,certified checks, money orders which are to be made payable to: Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC
All On-Line Transactions are Secured & Confidential.
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Custom Builds:

To get the Fabrication Process Running Quickly for the Custom Builds / Accessories we accept  Bank Wires through Wells Fargo and all major Credit Cards.

Call in your Orders by calling (727) 505-2989 ask for Pete, I will answer all your questions.

We take Pride in Our Workmanship and Customer Service and are setting a New Standard for the Floor Care Industry.

We honor all our Warranties within our Warranty Guidelines.(*NOTE*) Warranty starts from the actual Date of receiving the unit) Labor Costs for Warranty Repairs are covered only through our Factory Repair Shop Exclusively or who we assigned as our Licensed / Trained Distributor Repair Shop. No Warranty repairs will be covered without first contacting the Blue Baron Factory to get authorization first.The actual Technician doing the repair needs to call Blue Baron FIRST to discuss what is actually needed to do the repair at a reasonable cost.This insures the Highest Quality Repair at all times without overcharging like so many of these Repair Shops like to do. We will overnight any failed parts if necessary to help our customers. We have a No Return / Refund Policy. Returns are for defective products only and for the purpose of inspection and repair. Our return policy does not cover returns for any other reason.

Liability is Limited to the Repair & Replacement of Parts. Any additional Liability resulting from the failure of this product is neither expressed nor Implied and is not the responsibility of Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC and its assigned members. Blue Baron  Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC holds harmless to any of the following Contingent  Liabilities on the MisUse / Use,Operation or failure of the Blue Baron Truck Mounts and its associated accessories, thus, Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC will not be responsible for handling / mishandling resulting in injuries, dismemberment of limbs, death, lost of work or revenue and also as a result equipment failure or injuries relating to the equipment and accessories and as well as 'Acts of God, Wind damage, Flood damage, Fire or theft.

If Customer refuses or Halts the build once is started and or refuses to accept said equipment within 30 days of written notice by the manufacturer that the equipment is ready for ship or pick up and or Customer reneges on paying the remaining balance or shipping (Which if originally agreed upon by both parties as per Proposal) and after the equipment is built and ready for ship or if the Customer Refuses to pick-up the equipment. Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC in no way is obligated to Refund the Customers money as per (No Refund Policy) and Customer agrees to indemnify and Hold Harmless to any contingent liabilities consequential or inconsequential. A storage fee will be applied after 30 Days if said equipment is not claimed.

Warranty Disclaimer: Buyer's sole and exclusive remedy for defects in the products shall be as provided in the manufacturer's warranty and any other rights provided by law against the manufacturer. Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC makes no other than as specified in this agreement. All other warranties, express or implied, including but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose, are hereby disclaimed.

​It is important to note, Jon Don or Interlink will charge $1000 to $1500 or higher to install your Truck Mount and Accessories.
Installations at our Holiday Facility are at No Charge However, it is up to the Customer to provide adequate Flooring already prepared for mounting of the equipment. The installation of Water Tanks, Demand Pumps, Water Softeners, Shelving, Etc. as well as removal of Drivers Cages, Shelving or any other obstruction will charged at a Rate of $95 per Hour. This Installation does Not include Gas Tap or the Installation Related Gasoline Storage Tanks as well. This Installation does not include the removal of under Carriage Baffles, Partitions or obstructions under or above of the Vehicle's OEM Parts. This Installation involves the placement and securing of the Truck Mount, Recovery Tank and Hose Reels only, unless the Customer elects not to have said items secured. Blue Baron's Factory Technicians, will to the best of the ability, secure said equipment within reason and within means of accessibility to being able to secure the Fasteners without having to remove any Obstructions / Partitions Etc. Again, this is a No Charge Free Service. It is up to the Customer, to be present and Help anyway possible to the safe transition of said equipment into their work vehicle. Before the Customer comes to the Factory he must read all Safety Guidelines that were Emailed prior to the Installation Date. We will train, Demonstrate and Instruct on how to maintain and Safely Operate your new Blue Baron Truck Mount. It is the Customer's responsibility to bring the Correct size vehicle.
Any Liability resulting from the failure of this product, service or installation of this product is neither expressed nor Implied and is not the responsibility of Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC and its assigned members.

Thank you for doing business at Blue Baron TM Sincerely, Pete Garland (Owner, Designer/ Builder)

Blue Baron  Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC
DBA Blue Baron Truck Mounts
Manufacturer of Blue Baron  Truck Mount Carpet & Tile Cleaning Machine
 & Axis Point TM Heat Exchangers (Nation's # 1 Heat Exchanger)
1653 Cockleshell Dr
Holiday, FL 34690
Call us at: (727) 505-2989 ask for Pete Garland (CEO, Designer & Builder)

On-Line Privacy / Security
Your privacy on the internet is very important to us at Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC, which is why we take extreme care in safeguarding your privacy online. You are assured that you are protected by confidentiality, security and your right as an individual to change your mind with no questions asked.

In certain pages of this website you may choose to give personal information with us, such as your name, address or  certain equipmnent / products you have interest in. This information maybe use for marketing research and other marketing / service related purposes like sending Company Literature, brochures etc. you requested as well as keeping in touch by e-mail. Any personal information you choose to share with us will not be disclosed to anyone outside of Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC, our related companies, our authorized Partnerships, assigned agents or distributerships who help with our business unless required by law. Except as outlined above, we will never exchange or sell your personal information to any other company.

You will not recieve e-mails or mailings from Blue Baron Carpet Cleaning Systems, LLC if you have requested to be left off our correspondence list. If you are currently on our list and do not wish to receive further information from us, simply tell us by calling or emailing us. Any personal information you share with us can be updated at any time by calling us or e-mailing us.

E-mail Links & Guest Book Entries
We use email links as well as Guest Book Entry Fields throughout the site to allow you to Contact us directly, introduce yourself, inquire about our products, or to ask Technical, Performance Data & Operational questions about our equipment. We read every message and try to reply promply to everyone. Information in the message is used to respond directly to your comments or questions. We may also file your comments to improve the site and programs, or review and discard the information.
Your personal Information is not shared with third parties without your explicit permission.

Thank you for Visiting our Blue Baron TM  web site. We look forward to serving all your Carpet, Tile & Surface Cleaning needs.
We ship anywhere within the Continental U.S.Alaska, Canada, Hawaii & Overseas. Freight for Eastern US areas is $650 to $1000. Rates may Increase in Central, Mountain & Pacific areas.Rates apply seperately for Alaska,Hawaii and Overseas.

Allow 3-5 business days for the arrival of your unit. 
Shipping Blue Baron Truck Mounts
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