Blue Baron Model 33 SE Truck Mount TILE and Carpet Cleaning Machine

The Model 33 SE can provide you with plenty of Power and Performance for smaller residential  and commercial jobs and where distance (Length of Hose within 200 ft.) is not an issue. This machine has Great Heat as the other Larger Models, but with a smaller Engine and Blower.

As with this Model, and the other Blue Baron Models, incorporate simplicity in design. We don't think it is necessary to smother our machines with Side Covers and Louvered Panels like so many of the other manufacturers. Our machines are built for easy operation, Long Life, reliability and easy access for preventative maintenance and repair. 

​This machine is powered with a 20.5 Kohler Engine and 3MR Sutorbilt Blower which can deliver up to over 200 CFM of vacuum......and as always, over 2000 psi of working pressure and Great Heat.  

20.5 HP Kohler Engine Command Pro  (3 Year Warranty on parts & labor)
 Electronic Ignition & Key Start, Low Oil Sentry with an All Stainless Header
 Best in small engines over 10,000 Service dealers worldwide (INCLUDES TINY TACH / HOUR METER) 

3MR Sutorbilt Blower equivalent to (Optional 33 Roots) 273 CFM @ 15 HG (max) Vacuum lift.  Can use up to 300 Ft. of hose.  
(18 months Warranty on parts & labor) 

Universal Silencer for sound DB dampening of the Blower System (1 year Warranty)

AR 3 Plunger Water Pump Pump can withstand HighTemperatures Operates up to 3000 psi 3.5 GPM
Making this a Multi Purpose Machine(1 Year Warranty) 

Last Step Chemical Metered Injection System  (To Protect your machine's Pump & Heating System)

All Stainless "State of the Art" Patented SUPER QUAD AXIS POINT TM Heat Exchanger System Produces 210 Degrees F120 FT. of 3500 psi rated Stainless Tubing Rapid Thermal Transfer Here (Optional Exhaust Diverter available)
Also Great for Pressure Washing.
(1 Year Warranty) 

All Stainless Exhaust Diverter (Optional)  Great for the Big $$$ Dollar Flood Jobs where Heat is not required

Automatic Sensor Temperature & High -Limit Regulation will give you the Security of Constant Heat without the worry of overheating even while the machine is running and no carpet cleaning is being performed (or while talking to your Customer, Pre-Spraying, moving furniture, Etc.

100 Gallon Heavy Gauge Marine Aluminum Recovery Tank Recovery Tank with over-fill shut-off ,Vacuum relief, Gate Valve Drain, EZ Flow Filter, Debris Basket and Option Pump-out Ports   (life Time Warranty)
Optional 60 Gallon Tank available

Complete User Friendly Upper & Lower Control Panels 

Preheated Water Box Reservoir Tank for Water Pump System (Great for Winterizing your machine)

300 ft. Vacuum Hose & Solution Hose Reels

200 ft. of 2" Crush Proof Vacuum Hose

200 ft. of 4000 psi Solution Hose

Stainless Steel Dual Jet Wand & Upholstery Tool

All sturdy 11 Gauge Steel Construction Frame
30" Wide X 38" X 40" Depth

Console weight 550 lbs.


Rotovac 360i (Powerful Results!)
Optional Accessories 

Rotovac Equipment & Accessories

Auto Pump-Out

(Live) Vacuum & Solution Hose Reels

Fresh Water Tanks & Demand Pumps

Hydro-Force Pre-Sprayer

Water Softening Systems

Various Hand Tools Etc.

Pump-Out Kits

We ship anywhere within the Continental U.S.Alaska, Canada, Hawaii & Overseas. The Freight for Eastern US areas is $450 to $1200. Rates may Increase in Central, Mountain & Pacific areas. Rates apply separately for Alaska, Hawaii and Overseas.

Allow 3-5 business days for the arrival of your unit. 
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Name:Marcelo Ioselli                                                 December 11, 2014
Email address:[email protected]

Message:Hey Peter. I just wanted to thank you for setting me up with my Blue Baron 33 SE carpet cleaner. The machine works great and your customer service is outstanding. My new business is off to a great start!

Marcelo- Homewood, AL
Factory Package Price 
Only: $13,895
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Delux Package Deal
Time is Money $$$$ Never Empty your Waste Tank again..... and especially when doing BIG $$$ Water Extractions!
(OPTIONAL) Pump-Out available
Authorized Valley Industries Dealer
$319 /mo