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Superior Filtration
Handy Pump-Out Ports for Optional Pump-Out System
All New 60,75,100 Gallon Truck Mount Carpet Cleaning Machine Recovery Tanks
This Heavy Duty High Grade Marine Aluminum Tank will give all you need to safely collect all your waste water during all your Carpet,flooring and Flood Clean-up jobs. These tanks are Reinforced with baffles which also allow acoustic dampening as well as limiting the movement of Water (Anti-slosh) 
The following features are included:

2 inch Inlet Barb 90 for easy attachment

Universal 3 inch Female Coupling enabling this tank to adapt to any size machine

Removable Lid with Heavy Duty Seal for Air Tight Fit

High-Limit Shut Off Switch

Stainless Steel Debris Basket Collector (Strainer)

Stainless EZ Flow Filter to protect your blower

Vacuum Relief valve

Gate Valve Drain with PVC Adapter

Handy Pump-Out Ports 3/4 Inch NPT Female Pipe Couplings (for future Pump-Out Hook-Up)

Pricing Schedule is as follows:

60 Gallon:  Regular   $1595.00
100 Gallon:  Regular $1795.00

100 Gallon with 4 inch return port
for 56 & 59 Blower: $1895.00

 Debris Basket (Strainer)
& Quick Connects for Easy Clean-Out
3 Inch Filter and full size Pipe Convention (Unlike Most  manufacturers) means Maximum Water Recovery and Cooler Running Extended Life for the Blower
Price does not include Shipping / Handling
Affixed to every Blue Baron Owner's Recovery Tank, is a Handy Condensed Start-Up / Shut-Down Instructional & Safety Decal.

This gives Instant Information for Owners as well as Multiple Users of the Equipment.
(SPECIAL NOTE) Dema Solenoid and associated fittings are not included